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How will the pet sitter know how to care for my pets?

A free consultation is held by the business owner at your home to meet you, your pets, and get all of the pet care instructions needed for all future pet sits.


Will I be able to meet the pet sitter that is to care for my pets?

The initial consultation is with the business owner, Melissa Kauffman. However, a free 15 minute visit is offered for you to meet the actual pet sitter once the initial consultation is completed.


I only have cats. They can go a few days without attention. Can I just schedule visits for every other day?"

A Pet's Best Friend is a proud member of Pet Sitters International. PSI has a list of standards of excellence it expects its members to follow and expects its members to visit pets at least once every 24 hours to ensure that the pets are physically well and are not in need of medical attention.


What happens with the key once the pet sits are completed?

Generally, we keep your key on file to use for all future pet sits. This allows you to schedule pet sits without having to reconnect with us for key delivery. However, we can also return your key after each trip if necessary.


How is payment handled?

Payments are to be mailed directly to A Pet's Best Friendô  just prior to
your departure. This allows easy bookkeeping and prevents the pet sitters
from having to handle checks. Clients that schedule multiple midday dog
walks on a regular basis are billed by email at the end of each month.


Should gratuity be left for pet sitters?

Gratuity is always greatly appreciated, but not expected. Tipping is
customary in the pet care industry and the sitters graciously accept tips
as a show of appreciation for their dedication and hard work. This of
course remains a personal option and we do consider exceptional pet care
to be a part of our job. If you would like to provide gratuity to your pet
sitter, include it in your payment to A Pet's Best Friend and the gratuity
will be paid accordingly.


What happens if I return from my trip early and don't need scheduled pet sits?

Please call A Pet's Friendô as soon as you know that you will be returning
home. If you reach us soon enough, we can cancel any unnecessary pet sits
and pay you back the difference owed. However, if you do not contact us
within 24 hours before your next scheduled pet sit, there will be a $10
fee.  Because we have many clients scheduled during holidays, if your
holiday pet sits are cancelled less than one week prior to your scheduled
pet sits, 50% of the cost of scheduled sits is charged.


How early in advance do I need to schedule pet sits?

We have no required advance notice. As soon as you make your travel plans, please call or email us. However, if you call the day before and we have an opening, we'll be happy to take care of your pets! For holiday pet sits it is wise to call at least 2 months in advance.


What if the pet sitter has a personal emergency while taking care of my pets?

A Pet's Best Friendô has many other pet sitters in addition to the
business owner. So, if one pet sitter cannot attend to your pets, another pet sitter will be sent to care for them. Your pets will never be left uncared for.


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